Dancing in September

This morning Bean and I woke early, left Tevis snoozing in the bed and crept downstairs. We made coffee, Bean ate her breakfast and we listened to the sound of the thunder and soft rain drops outside. She likes to eat the moment she wakes up; she gets that from me. I could not survive a single day without my first meal. It’s incredible to see little pieces of me and her dad in her already.

While she ate, I broke out my laptop to catch up on my bloglovin’ feed. I put on my Labor Tunes playlist – seems fitting for this Labor Day weekend. While I was pregnant, I poured over articles with advise on how to prepare for childbirth. One tidbit I loved was creating a playlist for the different stages of labor. Our birth experience did not go the way I had planned (does anyone’s?) and we didn’t have the opportunity to use this calming technique (or many of the other ones I had prepped myself for). But that’s a whole other story!

So when Bean and I have our special girl time, I play the music that inspired me while I was growing her in my belly. They go from sweet songs like “Banana Pancakes” and “Three Little Birds” to smile inducing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “Feelin’ Alright” to the adrenaline pumping “Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)” and “Drumming Song”.

We must’ve woke the sleeping bear upstairs with our singing “I Like the Way You Move”. Tevis came downstairs, pulled me up from my chair at the dining room table and twirled me around the room. Bean stared at us with a toothy, blueberry stained grin. It brought me back to watching my parents as a little girl. My dad was always running up on my mom in the kitchen, dipping her backward with her head in his hand, then planting a big kiss on her lips. Our home had it’s share of ups and downs, but those moments of affection between my parents made me feel happy and secure.

Seeing Bean watch us this morning reminded me that she’s taking cues from us every day. We’re shaping how she sees the world, how she learns to love others and how to enjoy life for it’s small, precious, wonderful moments. I pray that our home is where she feels safe and loved and looks back on the everyday moments knowing she came from a happy place.

P.S. I failed to properly wish my sister, Diana, a happy birthday on the blog this week. Hard to believe she’ll be exiting her twenties one year from now. I have a feeling she’ll go out with a bang!