Summer Summary

Oh blog, how I’ve missed you so. We have been enjoying every minute of our summer. August was packed with day trips, family celebrations and firsts for Bean. She’s mastered crawling and I couldn’t picture her exploring in a better season than summer. Gotta love the instinct to put sand in your mouth! I wasn’t sure that she’d love being in the ocean. The first time we dipped her toes into the water, she freaked at the sight of the tiny waves washing over her toes. But as she watched the big kids splashing and having a good time, she warmed right up to it. Maybe some swim lessons next summer! Somehow I missed the new mommy memo about applying sunscreen before you get to the beach. You might as well squirt the goop in your palm and then give it a good roll through the sand for good measure!  And why do babies immediately rub their eyes with their greasy fist? You’ll get the hang of this stuff, mama.
Bean’s so curious about animals right now. I get such a kick out of watching her nervously pet dogs and stare in awe at the birds in the sky. We can’t wait for a visit to Auntie Laura’s farm this fall. I know Bean is going to squeal with delight at those little piggies.
Bean and Horses 1
Bean and Horses 2
We’ve spent more time outdoors this summer than any I can remember. Our picnic blanket hasn’t left the trunk of the car. I’m not sure what it is about eating outdoors, but everything just tastes better. I sufficiently stuffed myself with lobster rolls, ice cream cones and fresh squeezed lemonade with the whole lemon right in your cup that you can only find at the fair.

August 2013 playing in the grassWhen we missed 4th of July fireworks I was bummed that we’d lost the opportunity this year. Luckily, we caught a great show at the Potato and Corn Festival, though we were a little too close up for this nervous newbie.

August 2013 PoCo Fireworks

No fear of heights though. On one of those days that felt like early fall rather than the usual steamy August, we took a hike up to the top of Sleeping Giant. I’ve got to give a big shout-out to Daddy for carrying Bean all the way to the top. I got the easy leg on the way down. Can you spot the two of them at the top of the tower?

August 2013 Sleeping GiantA tradition we started as newlyweds has only gotten better with the addition to our family. Every Thursday night we walk up to our town’s green to enjoy live jazz concerts with friends. On a recent Thursday we celebrated Honey’s birthday (that’s my Mom; she’s the most incredible person on the planet). The weather was perfect and the crowd was a delight.  I know it made her happy to be surrounded by good food, great music and a tremendous people. I’m all about pull apart cupcake cakes right now. How adorable is the ice cream cone cake?
August 2013 Jazz
One of the highlights of the month was visiting my Dad (Papa) and his girlfriend (Mimi) for a weekend at their vacation rental in Newport, RI. The beaches are spectacular. The sand is velvety soft and the waves are perfect for little swimmers. Even I got to experience a first this summer. Paddleboarding wasn’t one of those activities I was dying to try. It seemed incredibly difficult from a balancing perspective. And for someone that hasn’t done a lick of exercise since her pregnancy, I was downright terrified of waking up the next day to pain in places I didn’t know could hurt. I’m so glad I gave it a try and I’m eager to get back up on the board again soon. It’s a great workout and an awesome way to venture out into the deep ocean. You know it had to be amazing for me to post a pic of me in my bathing suit!
August 2013 Newport
August 2013 Paddleboarding
Thanks to my bestie over at for introducing me to I had a lot of fun collaging my summer photos.

We have one more holiday weekend to sneak in the last of our summer bucket list. I’ve got my heart set on a stop at a farmers market, another picnic in the park, and maybe even a date with my sweetie to watch the sunset.

Happy Labor Day weekend!


236 Hours

We took our first family of 3 vacation last week on the North Fork in Long Island, NY. This is also the first time since I’ve been back to work that I’m using my vacation days for something other than cleaning up puke and cuddling a feverish and listless little one. To say I was excited about an entire week of sun and fun is an understatement. I soaked in every glorious minute of the 236 hours of my vacation.

Last summer when we were pregnant, Tevis and I visited Montauk on Long Island’s South Fork. We made a promise that we’d start a family tradition the following year with Bean. Now that we’ve experienced both the North and South Forks, I can whole-heartedly say I’m a NOFO kinda girl. A local sommelier we met said “the South Fork is where you come to see and be seen. The North Fork is where you go to see the scenery.” The Hamptons boast celebrity mansions, overpriced lunches and Bentley’s parked on the streets. NOFO is dusted with vineyards, farm stands and friendly all-season locals.

Bean loved spending the days outdoors. We walked village streets, dipped our toes in the sand, collected sea shells, picked sunflowers and toured several wineries.

We got back in time to celebrate Independence Day with family and friends. Thank goodness for swimming pools small and large this week; it was a hot one!

Here’s a look at our adventures from the last week. I’d say we crammed in a lot of fun in 236 hours. Welcome Summer!

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