Believe it to be beautiful

My good friend recently launched her own business, Sunshine Organizing Services. Her home is full of pinterest-worthy solutions that keep her busy family of 6 running smoothly. I’ve known her nearly my entire life, so I can vouch that she is incredibly talented, reliable and organized. If you are in need of someone to help you de-clutter a place in your life, give her a shout! She recently posted this quote on instagram.


Isn’t that awesome?

I’m not a person that tends to hang onto “stuff”. Our little condo is a tight fit for three, so we live minimally and I LOVE it! I don’t have junk drawers like the several my mother had when I was growing up. She could put her hand into a drawer ,like reaching into Mary Poppin’s carpet bag, and magically pull out exactly what she was looking for – birthday candles, fabric scissors, felt furniture stickers, a spool of red thread. Not me. I thrive on structure and order. I need dividers and labels and I know precisely if something is amiss. If it doesn’t fit into our space, it gets used up, repurposed, donated or tossed.

All that being said, you’ll understand how out of character it is for me to have this stack of crinkled papers taking up space in my kitchen.

January 2014 132

This week marks our one year anniversary with the wonderful, loving caregivers at Bean’s daycare. These report cards are a record of an entire year’s worth of nap times, feeding schedules and diaper changes that I just can’t seem to trash.

Before writing this post, I sat down and read them all. They are more than a chronicle of her poopy diapers. They remind me of our journey and how much we both have grown in this short time. Someday I can show her what a typical day was like when she was small enough to count her age in weeks and months. Eventually I’ll be ready to let go of this stack of paper, but for now, it fits into the “believe to be beautiful” category.


2 thoughts on “Believe it to be beautiful

  1. Hey, Kate!

    I bet your organized friend has already pointed out that all those papers in a notebook wouldn’t take more than two linear inches of shelf space… then you could keep them forever.

    Love you, Cath

    • She hasn’t chimed in yet. But you’re right, she may suggest a binder. Another friend told me about a site called artkive where you make a photo book out of all your child’s artwork. Love that idea!

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