O Christmas Tree

January 2014 017 January 2014 014 January 2014 020

I took these photos last weekend, just before we took down our tree. You heard that right, our tree was up from Thanksgiving weekend through January 19th. Doubtful that we broke any Guinness Book records, but this is definitely the longest we’ve ever left our tree up. The soft glow of the white lights and the sweet piney smell that seemed to get more intense as the tree dried out, welcomed me like a great big hug as I walked in the door at the end of each day. Bean would tug at the ornaments and giggle as the prickly branches tickled her face. Lucky for Tevis we only ever get a real tree or I’d be begging him to let me decorate it with conversation hearts! The needles in every room and a dream that woke me in a panic that the house had burned down, finally convinced me it was time to set it free.

It was tough for me to close the door on 2013 and welcome in the new year.  Keeping Christmas alive for just a little longer let me feel like I could stop time from moving forward. I could replay watching Bean experience the magic of Christmas for the first time – the frenzy of unwrapping gifts, rooms full of too many people, sitting on Santa’s lap and eating cookies til your belly hurts. I could freeze this – my joy.

Christmas Morning

New parents are warned over and over, “don’t blink, they grow so fast”, but you can’t understand until you’re there yourself, how quickly the weeks and months pass by. Your tiny baby transforms into a little person that can walk and talk and feed herself and point to her nose and take her stuffed animals for a ride in her Radio Flyer wagon and dance to “Blurred Lines”. I’m bursting with pride as she grows taller and stronger and smarter, but I already miss the days when she was just learning to pick her head up, roll over, reach for a toy or hold a bottle with her own hands. I’m scared to death that I’ll forget it all.

I wasn’t sure if keeping this blog going was worth it. It takes time that I don’t have to spare, but after being away for a bit, I’ve missed it. I know one way to make sure I don’t lose all these precious memories, is to keep writing. So I’m back again.


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