One Year Ago

This was me a year ago. A week overdue with Bean. We were evacuated from our coastal Connecticut home as Superstorm Sandy made her way up the east coast. Tevis insisted we stop at the beach and get a picture to remember this crazy day. I was a bit panicky as the water rushed up over the street, but I’m thankful he captured this memory. What a story we’ll have to tell Bean someday!

Halina 0-6 months 007


We went back to the same spot this week. It was a breezy day, but nothing like the morning we fled our home. It’s sort of blowing my mind that this bright-eyed, big girl was chillin’ in my belly 12 months ago. Look at her! Now that we’ve had a whole year to get to know each other, I like her even more than I did the day we met. Of course I had that instant mother love, but I didn’t know her. I didn’t know how to make her laugh, or that she likes to be outside when it rains, or that it would take many tries before she’d give bananas a chance or that she’s insistent already on doing everything by herself. I guess I didn’t realize how much of her personality would be shining through so early in her life.
This year has been my favorite and yet, it went by quicker than any other. I’m thankful for every joyful minute I spend with my sweetheart. She makes me beam with pride.
Happy Birthday Love.


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