Top 5

While I was gone, summer ended and came back again and autumn finally decided it was here to stay. Our little family of 3 has been busy working and playing and celebrating milestones and firsts. I’ve compiled this list of 5 things I wish I had shared as they occurred, but didn’t get to for various reasons.

1. Food Trucks

There’s a stretch along I-95 and the New Haven Harbor that has been home to nearly a dozen food trucks (and a guy that sells roses and flags, so random) for as long as I can remember. Bean’s daycare is a block away and we drive by twice daily. After one long and exhausting day, I suggested it might be fun if we all met at the food trucks for dinner (which really meant, Mama did not feel like cooking or spending a fortune on dinner out). It was a delicious, inexpensive and educational meal. You might think that all of the trucks are dishing up the exact same Mexican cuisine. I mean, how unique can a buck-fifty taco be? But we quickly learned by chatting with the owners and customers, that each truck specializes in regional flavors. We sampled several types of tacos, an empanada, spicy chicken skewers, mofongo, and a lime soda. I took a few shots while we waited for our orders, but was so excited to eat when they called our name, that I forgot to get a picture of our plates. Next time. Oh yes, there will be a next time!

food truck2food truck1

2. Apple Picking

Has anyone seen this commercial?  I turned to my husband and said “is this me?” like I didn’t know the answer. Who wouldn’t think that apple picking is the most fun you could possibly have on a Sunday? Well, he survived and I suspect he even had fun carrying around our little picker. I rewarded him with the most delicious apple bundt cake you ever tasted. This recipe is from our local newspaper. It’s a keeper. And I just love that I clipped a recipe out of the paper.

apple picking

apple bundt cake recipe

3. Tevis turned 40!

We celebrated my guy with a bash focused on one of his favorite things, FOOTBALL. The party included game-day food like sliders and wings, a candy buffet, pictures highlighting Tev’s first 40 years and a fill-in-the bucket list. The crowd pleaser was the Football Photo Booth. I made this with a large piece of green felt (3 yards). The yard lines are marked with white painters tape and numbers stenciled with acrylic paint. The props included team jerseys, pom-poms, an inflatable finger, under eye patches, a dry erase board to customize birthday messages and signs with popular NFL teams and pictures of Tevis. Here’s a peak at some of the details and Photo Booth pics!





0005Photo Booth 1

Photo Booth 3

4. Fall TV shows

If you know anything about our house, you know that if we are home, either a game, or men talking about a game, is on. I enjoy cheering for teams we follow, but most of the time I just tune it out. So on those rare occasions that I get the remote in my hand and can watch a program from start to finish, without being interrupted to check the score, well that’s a little piece of heaven. I don’t follow many shows, but I have a few that I DVR – Modern Family, Scandal, and SNL are on my short list. USA just started airing reruns of Modern Family. If you don’t watch, please check out some of the early stuff. It’s 30 minutes you won’t regret.  I’ve started trying to pick up one new show each season. It’s tough to predict what’s going to be a hit and downright annoying to sit through a new show only to wish you could get back those wasted moments. The Mindy Project slipped by me last season, but I’m hooked now. She’s a gem!

5. Our 5th anniversary

Hard to believe that 5 years have gone by. This year especially, it just vanished. I was never the girl that dreamt about her fairytale wedding day, but when we started looking for “our spot”, I fell in love with being close to home, on the ocean with the whimsical carousel as our backdrop. We took Bean to the beach on our special day for a quick look and a family photo (Tevis has been wanting a matching feet picture since she was born). That evening, my mom babysat so we could enjoy a night out, just the two of us. And my aunt sent us a gift certificate to our favorite restaurant in town. Dinner was amazing and it was wonderful to eat as slowly as we wanted to and enjoy each other’s company. Although, we did talk about Bean nearly the entire time and these two exhausted parents were home before 11:00pm!




Autumn is absolutely my favorite season. We’re gearing up for a fun-filled weekend with lots of time spent outdoors. What are you getting into this weekend?


4 thoughts on “Top 5

  1. Great list & great pictures!!
    I drive by those good trucks daily too & had no idea each represented a different cuisine! Yum!!
    P.S. Uncle T might have to stand for Uncle Turtle from now on. 😉

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